Wednesday, May 7, 2014


The 40th Annual Seattle Film Festival is hosting hate. The object of their hate? Autistics. They are giving platform to anti-vaxxers. This cannot be allowed. From their site:
"After recovering from a mysterious and devastating illness, director Eric Gladen started researching the science behind autoimmune diseases. His research led him straight into one of the biggest medical controversies of all time: whether or not childhood vaccines cause autism. However—his film is not an anti-vaccine film. He doesn’t concentrate on the vaccines themselves but on something that belongs nowhere near them; on mercury, part of the ingredients used as a preservative in vaccines. Eventually, Eric decided to quit his career, moving into an RV and traveling the country for years in order to interview experts and piece together thousands of studies and leaked documents. When the puzzle was finally complete, the answer was very clear to him. He believes that mercury is the trigger for psychological and neurological autoimmune conditions and autism. His film presents interviews with specialists in the field, as well as specific scientific research and experiments that show how dangerous mercury is. At the very least, his documentary creates a platform for open dialogue for all aspects of this issue, for or against, in hopes of enlightening the public...Sponsored by Chipotle Mexican Grill." [emphasis mine]
MERCURY DOES NOT CAUSE AUTISM. IT IS UNCLEAR WHAT CAUSED AUTISM. Not only that, but Autism is NOT an epidemic. It is not some sort of "Autistic Tsunami going to hit the state budgets." It is a neurological disorder, a different life experience that happens to be marginalized. The only reason why there is study into this already debunked claim is the idea hateful that people like me need to stop existing. In fact, the director, Eric Gladen has ties to noted pseudoscientific group Age of Autism which supports the bleaching, chelating, and torturing of Autistic people as a form of a "cure." Age of Autism has been repudiated by every respectable Autistic organization. It has also been repudiated for its pseudoscientific views by the organization Autism Speaks.

The showing of this film lends credence to the idea that I am not a human being that must be eliminated because I am Autistic. This film, arguably more dangerously, lends credence to the ideas that vaccines cause Autism or that it has a cause other than being a natural neurological variation. It must be stopped. Hate films should NOT be given a forum--much less a forum as large as this. WE NEED TO RAISE OUR CONCERNS AND NOW.

Contact the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)
Phone: 206.464.5830
Fax: 206.264.7919

Chipotle Grill (

Edit: Chipotle is working on getting their name removed from this specific movie's page. They are a general sponsor.


UPDATE: I've been digging up more stuff about the movie and I have transcribed the trailer ( for it here (new line means new speaker):
I was focused on my career
Basically it's like he woke up a different person
I wanted a start a family.
I felt like he was going crazy
[Unintelligible] not the American Dream.
Is there a link between childhood vaccines and autism?
A big study of a thousand kids did not show a link.
Autism-like symptoms after receiving five vaccinations in one day.
It is a controversial subject.
It is not a controversial subject.
It's still controversial for the ones who still believe.
What were you thinking was going to be the end result of all of this?
For people to finally understand what Autism is, how it became an epidemic, and what's caused it. [The] Public needs to understand what's happened here because the public will drive the change.
Thimerosal it is an anti-septic preservative and hasn't that been linked in some cases to Autism?
The government did in fact settle, but now the case has been sealed.
Thimerosal is toxic to a few parts-per billion.
The transcript were quite adamant that they had a problem.
Play with it all you want. The results are real; they are statistically significant.
I became so obsessed and worried what was wrong with him.
I was searching for stuff to give him a reason to hang around.
I just recognized something with him and I believe he's to the point of no return home.
There was enough evidence that he is quoted as saying the action is he was seen crying that if he had known how to calculate how many micrograms in a shot he would have stopped it long ago.
Can you tell me right now without any doubt whatsoever that mercury in vaccines does not cause Autism?

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