Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Poem of Sorts (4)

I wrote this a few months ago in October of 2013 but decided not to publish it. It feels more relevant now. 

No Perfect Representative:
I am not the only human
With an IEP plan;
I am not the only Jew,
not even the only Jew-Autistic, too.
I am not the only Atheist,
Nor am I am a member on a list
Of "light diversity"  
To make up for this homogeneous city!
I am just a person with a common connection
With all those brains whom share my direction.
I am not the only person with SPD.
Really, I am not your perfect representative.
Sure, you may feel as though it is sensitive,
but I am not the only representative.
I cannot write for those I don't know.
I can't expect to understand 
forced to wear a dress--
a one sized success.
How could I?
Why should I try?
I write for myself,
my perspective might help,
for people to understand ones like me,
but I do caution thee!
I am no perfect representative. 

I've been feeling pretty tokenized recently, and it's not fun. Plus, my demographic (cis, white males) is already vastly over-represented for Autistics (and everything), so that makes it a lot worse. 

Also, just because I know people will be confused about this line: "forced to wear a dress--a one sized success," it's about how I'm unqualified to speak for other people's experiences by using the example of how I can't speak for trans men when I'm a cis-male. Also, "light diversity" is a total slam against white people being heavily over-represented in f'ing everything so that they justify making white spaces by saying they're "above race" because "look at all this other diversity."

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