Monday, January 27, 2014

How the World Works:

-If a Person of Color gets rich/powerful, they're called a "credit to their race" or benefiting from "affirmative action;"
-If a Gender/Sexual/Romantic Minority becomes rich/powerful, any mention of their oppression is "flaunting it" or "promoting it;"
-If a Woman becomes rich/powerful, she's called "not feminine" or a "bitch;"
-If a Disabled person gets rich/powerful, their disability is called "not real;"
-If a Jew becomes rich/powerful, it's evidence of a "global zionist conspiracy;"
-If a Poor person becomes rich/powerful, it's evidence that "the system works" and "anyone who didn't make was too lazy;"


-If a White, Cis-gender, Heterosexual, Able-bodied/Neurotypical, Upper Middle Class Male becomes rich/powerful, that's "just how the world works."

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