Saturday, January 25, 2014

How NOT to Respond to a Mass Shooting

If you haven't heard yet, there was a tragic shooting at Columbia Mall in Maryland today. Three people, including the shooter, were killed and five injured. I hope the victims of this tragedy can regain peace from this horrific event. Too many lives were lost today and too many were traumatized. Unfortunately many more people decided to pour salt into the emotional cuts inflicted minutes before on these people. Those people have my contempt, and I've made screen shots of them.

[T/W: total asshats tweeting seriously insensitive things and slurs, a lot of slurs.] Note: I have redacted the names of people to protect themselves from the (almost) justified outrage that would flood their mentions. You're welcome, asshats. The only exception is if it is an organization with the intent of outraging people. I encourage you to block them while you still can! These are categorized and the content/words of the image will be provided. All of these were taken in about a one hour period.

  1. Calling the Shooter "Mentally Ill:" 
     "Columbia Mall had a shooting....Wow people so dumb!!!!" 
     "Love goes out to everyone affected by the Columbia Mall shooting today. Why are people so psychotic?" (Note: Your FIRST sentence was great. You should have kept it at that.) 
     "[sic] im not going to columbia mall ever again. these people losing their marbles. too bad thats the only place i really go, that and arundel mills[]." Just in case you were wondering, yes, this is a millennial.
     "[User name: @DocumentaryCine] America's Insanity: 4 public space shootings this week. RT: @[REDACTED] Wow, 3 dead at the Mall In Columbia? People are out of control." This guy is supposedly a lefty. #SolidarityIsForTheNeurotypical
  2. Being Abhorrently Racist (Seriously): 
     "I mean that was the whole point of Columbia in the first place, to bring [sic] inner city trash to a nice area they will 'change'...way to go." Uh, wow. 
     "[sic] Niggas was really shooting out Columbia mall lol" Even if this asshat was using that adapted slur as a synonym for "person" the "lol" part at the end was just, what the hell? I have no words.
     "niggas shooting up columbia mall" There's enough of these to be a category on their own, by the way.
     "You niggas stay out of Columbia mall. That was my secret hide out spot." #3
     "[sic] Da Niggah Really Up Columbia Mall Going Crazy Wit Da Joint" This could also belong in category #1. 
     "[sic] They gotta niggas gettin shot up at the Columbia Mall now?!? []" I'm actually not sure how to interpret this, but I think they were trying to say "they got a [black person (slur)] shooting in Columbia Mall now?!" If this person was actually distressing about Black people getting killed, then I'm sorry, my mistake. 
     "This is why there shouldn't be a bus from Baltimore to the Columbia Mall..." Feel free to punch your screen after all of this. 
  3. Spread Politically-Based Vitriol: 
     "RIP to the victims of that Columbia Mall shooting. [sic[ Fuck stupid scum bad assholes who make gun owners look bad." 
     "In Gov. O'Malley's Maryland the unarmed populace is always ready to be fleeced and are at the mercy of the armed criminals. Columbia Mall." At the time of this writing, the motive is still unknown. 
     "Breaking News: 3 Killed In Columbia Mall Shooting - A Gun-Free Zone Tragedy [url]." 
     "Columbia mall shooting was a 'GUN FREE ZONE' Wait, did a criminal not follow the rules?" 
     "Three People Dead In Mall Shooting Near Baltimore You can thank the #NRA" 
     "[Picture of a guy shooting an assault rifle in the woods. His twitter account indicates he is from South Carolina] Lefty idiots blindly attack #NRA and #2a. Ironic that the Columbia shooter followed the advice of @JoeBiden. Armed w/ shotgun. #tcot #tlot" By the way, #tcot=Top Conservatives On Twitter. 
     "[A racist caricature of President Obama is their profile picture. Their name is 'Librards Suck' and their twitter username is @exposelibtards.] 3 dead in Columbia Maryland mall shooting #tcot #tlot #tgdn" The hashtag #TGDN stands for "Twitter Gulag Defense Network." Twitter jail or "gulag" if you're an insufferable enough person is when enough people report you that twitter reviews your account to see if you're abusive. One criterion is your following to follower ratio, so conservatives launched that hashtag to exchange follows so they can harass trans people, feminists, people of color, sexual minorities, etc.  I wonder why this account might need it."Was Columbia Mall a "gun free zone?" Are you an insufferable asshat? Yes to both. 
  4. Be Generally Insensitive: 
    "Not surprising. Hard times urge people on towards violence."  Right, because only poor people murder. Got it. 
     "Shooting in Columbia Mall? Really people? Nowhere is safe. Nowhere! Columbia is a bedroom community." Because, you know, it's totally fine if those "urban" people get killed.
     "[sic] Let me guess y'all was spose go Columbia mall this morning but didnt right thank God? Oh ok twitter lol #AlwaysFlexing" One word: really? 

    Faith in humanity: 0. 

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