Monday, December 16, 2013

Poetry (obscure references edition)

I wrote this song/poem months ago directly after learning about a specific evil inflicted on the Autistic community--especially non-verbal Autistics. I was camping, so the references to nature seemed, well, natural. In any case, I'm posting this as a challenge: if you can directly identify four or more references I will award you 1,000 internet points in small-blogger currency. This equates to 5 internet points in Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal internet points. As an aside, this song was written to be sung to the tune of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme (Simon and Garfunkel). Why, yes, I am 16, why do you ask? 

Come with me to my forest of solitude;                                                                                     Come with me to a land where no one'll be rude;
Come with me and let our hearts sing--
Quietly drinking from a spring.
Knowingly eat fruit of the vine,
Giving thanks to the master of time,
We will speak without need of sound--
Come with me to my forest of solitude.
I know you've been treated, chelated, and bleached--
Your trust in humanity constantly breached
We are friendly in the land of AS*
Won't care if you wear skirts or a dress
Our peaceful utopia awaits
We just need to open the gates
I'll be your intro' to the vertex of man
Free to simply lie in the sand
No bother, no worries, the ducks aren't loud--
No more people who'll kill and be proud 
We are simply a small band of nobles--
We, too, know the difference between circles and ovals
We are plain and simple, not poor
We won't shove you and slam the door
Tell us to stop and we'll acquiesce
The sound of the river doesn't distress
Come with me to the forest of solitude
Give us your tired, hungry, and abused
Come join the commune of solitude.

*"Autistics", not, never mind.... 

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