Sunday, December 15, 2013

I'm Not A Goddamn Puzzle Piece!

This didn't start out as a poem, but I noticed the rhyming in the first couplet and I couldn't stop rhyming. I'm not sure how good it is, but it's, uh, a poem? Enjoy! 

I'm not a goddamn puzzle piece,
Autism Speaks, 
I am a human being with 
thoughts and feelings.
I know myself; 
I don't need your "help"
Which is poorly applied
4% of a donor's dime. 
Your videos say I'm a mystery,
Not unlike the colony of Roanoke in history. 
Because apparently all you learned in class,
was how to be close-minded and crass. 
Since the answer was easy to find.
If not for the bind,
of racism and bigotry. 

I'm not your goddamn inspiration-porn. 
I'm not a disease that needs to be scorned. 
Nor are all my Autistic sisters and brothers. 
Verbal or not, ableism puts us into the same lot. 
The lot where Autism Speaks will trot 
A success of capitulation,
a complete evisceration 
of our person.
You tout our lack of stimming,
as the elimination of Autism winning. 
It is not the case, 
because in place,
We feel shame,
And as to the cause of our sensory torture 
we feel ourselves to blame. 

You call me a kidnapped child,
A burden and epidemic. 
Autism's name you have defiled. 
You convinced my sisters and brothers
To be murdered by their own mothers.
Does the name Ryan Davies
mean anything to you? 
How many more dead for you to rue? 
The deaths you have caused by this rhetoric? 
Or do you deny what is true?  

You tout support 
From Autistics 
Even if your organization
Has no Autistic participation, 
You still attract 
Our parents 
Into your trap.

Your disdain comes off plain, Suzanne Wright.
You claim to love your Autistic grandson,
But all you do with AS is collect large sums.
The same amount you spend on services,
Goes to administrative salaries,
As if you needed more luxuries. 
The luxury of a world built to you.
And the luxury of endless money.
Your greed comes through and through. 
You do not accept Autistics,
merely tolerate us 
as if we were fruit flies in summer.
Gone when it gets cold. 
Sorry, we don't fit your narrow mold. 

For this I am irate.
For this I will participate to fight
For my rights and of others,
For my Autistic sisters and brothers. 
Today we fight for what is right. 
Through our anger we have might. 
We have experienced much worse.
We can take on a organization that's perverse.  

Why support the boycott of Autism Speaks? Here: 
(Additional writings of note.)  
General Information on Spending, etc.: 
What does a boycott mean? 
Autism Speaks gets much of its funding from corporate sponsors whom see it as an organization which grants them good-will. It's kind of like how everyone all-of-a-sudden started caring about the Earth. "Buy our 40%-less plastic bottles! You'll save the Earth by buying more!" We need to show corporations that support of Autism Speaks means they lose business, not gain it. 
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(In case it wasn't obvious already, I am a High School student, so all those sites I linked to, yeah, I'm not affiliated with them. I'm just a blogger, and an almost decent one at that!)