Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Poem of Sorts (3)

I've been reluctant to post this poem (written months ago) for a while. For one, it starts super strangely, but then I remembered this is a neurodiversity blog, so that really shouldn't be an issue-plus the most pretentious parts got cut out, anyway. I know, I'm laughing at my absurdity, too. Also, I stole a couplet from an important part of this piece for another poem I've posted--i.e. the only other one. However, I've just decided that doesn't matter, because I don't think anyone will care. Anyway, this was written the day after the Abled-Disabled-Alliance at my school got approved by student government. I may or may not have been listening to Land of Confusion by Genesis while writing. 

Today we begin our fight,
to live out all that is right
to affirm all whom have life!
The light we dream,
and songs we sing as a team,
over the river from a mighty stream.

I contemplate a future of light,
as bright as constant night,
as loud as eternal silence,
no longer we live in deference!
I hope and pray
for peace of night,
safe 'till a morning bright--
with silent laughter
and noisy actions,
to stop endless winter,
no longer asleep,
shall we teach,
content to retreat,
or challenge meet?

A plea of worth
to end the dearth
of power over people,
hate atop Temple's Steeple,
to reach We the People--
I am my brother's keeper!
Hold oneself true,
so we may not rue,
what a collection of matter
could have pulled through.

(Blogger's Note: can you tell that there's stuff I just really like to rhyme together? Yeah, I need to diversify that, stat. Oy, that was a bad meta-pun. Also, despite all these religious references I've been making, I'm actually an atheist. Weird, right? Anyway, I promise to write actual content soon, but between making content for zines (or trying to as was the case last week), homework, and constantly finding more things to get pissed off enough about to blog, it's a little difficult. Could you tell yesterday's was a bit forced of an update, you know, since I usually write at least three pages--Time's New Roman, 12pt, double-spaced--worth, and that was, what, half a paragraph? I also realize I don't actually have a readership, so there's no reason to write like I was in October. Seriously, I was writing an article per freaking day through various mediums. Also, this is becoming longer than the actual content, so, uh, bye, I guess?)  

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