Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Poem of Sorts (2)

This came from a larger, more comprehensive poem, but the original felt like two poems in one, so I broke them up. You can read the full, original once I edit it more closely. The context for the start of this section was about my NT "passing privilege." 

And then, even with my disorder,
I still do not screw enough with "The Order."
For, I am normal enough
to not carry the rough.
of a communities disdain 
for a "non-verbal stain;"
they're willing to cure it with pain. 
It is not compassion to bleach--
Hate is thy name.
nor restraints as a way to teach--
Hate is thy name.
To administer shocks--
Hate is thy name. 
To hold us down 'till we stop--
Hate is thy name. 
To deny our grievances 'till we "pop--"
Hate is thy name. 
To send us to different schools,
until we learn to respect your painful rules--
Hate is thy name.
To feed us untested diets,
in hopes we'd be quiet--
Hate is thy name.
To say today "we are slaves 'till all are free,"
then tomorrow pray and pray,
'till my Autism goes away-- 
Hate is saying I'm retarded,
while remaining open-hearted--
Hate is thy name.
To surgically remove our speech,
so you can comfortably eat--
Hate is thy name.
To give people like me 
to appease our countless pleas--
What of the other Autistics in need? 
Hate is thy name.
Hate is thy name.
This poem shan't be in vein,
let us write, sign, and yell--
"Hate is thy name.
Hate is thy name."
So that next year,
at our seder,
we must no longer say we are slaves,
because all are free.
Liberate every people!
Every people,
every person,
no matter if they worship at a Mosque or "Steeple."
No mountain, or hill,
will be left still.
As we demand:
freedom for all,
small and tall,
Kingdoms of privilege will fall!
All will be free, because
we are all equal in the 
mind of the world,
our silence heard,
thoughts no longer absurd.
We shall sit tall,
and speak a stand.
"We the people" we demand! 
I am human and you are, too
C'mon, we have work to do! 

[Note: the part about "being slaves until all are free" is something said at every Pesach (Passover) Seder, every year. Jews are supposed to recognize that our freedom is not complete until all are free. Anyway, that's the context for those that don't know. Also, I reference some news stories in here that I'll look up tomorrow/if anyone bothers me about it.]